Go Deeper, Wider, Faster in Your Meditations

Increase your mindfulness leverage with the four meditation accelerators

Tord Helsingeng


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If you have a regular meditation practice, you will gradually develop mindfulness skills. But if you want to speed up the process, to go deeper and wider, here are four methods we call accelerators:

  1. Trigger practice
  2. Duration training
  3. Motion challenge
  4. Situational practice

1. Trigger practice

Have you ever reacted faster to a situation than you wish you had? There was a sudden small crisis. The stress hormones washed over your brain. Before you knew it, primitive, unfriendly and imprudent impulses. hijacked your mind, particularly your emotions.

Or maybe you experienced something so pleasant, so comfortable that you lost control and sunk into it unawares.

Then you, like everyone at some time, have fallen prey to triggers.

One solution to triggers is to practice such experiences with attentive presence in a setting where you can control the circumstances. You can then take what you learn in trigger practice into everyday situations.

The result is less suffering in unpleasant situations, more satisfaction from pleasant situations, and the ability to choose wise and effective actions in all situations. You also further develop attention skills, so you have even more when you need them.

Trigger practice in your meditation

To practice triggers in meditation, you need a combination of a fitness center and a laboratory. Create a situation, apart from daily life, where control all aspects of the experience, including:

  1. The type of trigger.
  2. How intense the trigger is.
  3. The duration of the trigger.
  4. The duration of breaks between triggers.

By controlling these factors, you vary the experience to meet your needs and take on progressively more challenging triggers.

Another advantage of trigger practice is that you can train without the consequences of…



Tord Helsingeng

Norwegian mindfulness coach and bodyworker, specializing in chronic pain relief and stress disorders.