Meditation Tools for Anxiety You Can Use Now

Tord Helsingeng
5 min readApr 23, 2021
Photo by Uniq Trek on Unsplash

Many studies show that mindfulness works well to relieve anxiety. Even beginners with as little as one hour of meditation training can see noticeable improvement in their anxiety.

I have blogged before that we are all, to some extent, susceptible to negative emotions. So if you are struggling with anxiety, you are not alone. Mindful attention training can help you cope with uncertainty and thereby decrease the vulnerability to anxiety that we all have.

There are two main methods to work with anxiety: turn toward the anxiety and turn away from it. In Unified Mindfulness, these are called Focus In and Focus Out, respectively.

Both methods also strengthen your core mindfulness skills. This means that you will gradually and permanently reduce your tendency to anxiety no matter which you choose.

Both methods are useful when anxiety is about to take you over. But for them to be most effective, you should train regularly, even when anxiety is not impending or active.

Experience will teach you which technique works best for you and in what situations. For example, one method may be particularly effective when anxiety peaks, while another works well for…



Tord Helsingeng

Norwegian mindfulness coach and bodyworker, specializing in chronic pain relief and stress disorders.